Special Needs Ministry

_mg_4469bw It doesn’t take a miracle to teach children who learn differently–just a leader or teacher who is willing to take a chance and shape a heart. Get basics on curriculum and event modification, training volunteers, and more!


Special Needs Resource Expo

Learn about the 20 great resources to assist you in creating a dynamic ministry to children with special needs and their families.


 Developing a Leadership Team

Discover ways to cultivate different people and personalities and transform them into a dynamic leadership team.  Learn how to identify the strengths of your team members, empower them to take ministry ownership, and show ways to appreciate them.


 Preventing Ministry Burnout

Come and take an honest look at the pace of ministry, the effects it has on you, your family, and your health. Learn ways to manage the stress of ministry in ways that honor God. Discover that the most important way to manage stress is to spend more time looking up.


Creating a Children’s Ministry Culture in Your Church

Learn ways to realign the overall vision of your ministry in a way that creates an environment where service to the Lord in Children’s Ministry is more than a chore or obligation.




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