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Who Will Sing to George?

This is an article I wrote for Christian Standard that casts a vision for disability ministry in the local church. Follow the link to the on-line article. I hope it inspires some church, some place, to welcome George into their community.


By Vangie Rodenbeck

As the designated facilitator of this networking lunch, I sought to engage each member at the table in the discussion. The topic was special needs ministry, and the specific issue of discussion was how to “name” a ministry to such persons. These ministers were asking questions like: What do we call this […]

via Who Will Sing to George?.



Vangie is the Director of Sparrow's Nest Play, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching creation care, nature play and just living. She also writes, teaches and speaks about her experience as the parent of a child with Autism. She holds a B.S. in Christian Ministry and an M.A. in Contemporary Theology. She seeks to synthesize perspectives in theology, disability and ministry.

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