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Shaping Special Hearts: Sticking with Special Needs Parents 02/25 by CMConnect | Religion Podcasts

Join Vangie and special guest Kelli Anderson as they discuss “Sticking with Special Needs Parents.” Hear an insider’s perspective about what can make parents of children with special needs lack trust in people – even the people they desperately want to trust! Hear strategies for meaningful communication, key elements in ministry to parents, and what every pastor should know about ministry to this growing population.

A lifelong Christian and mother of three children (two with Asperger’s Syndrome), Kelli has also published her first book about her experience in Divine Duct Tape and is a regularly featured writer for an award-winning daily blog for special needs parents, Not Alone. She also produces a weekly podcast, Divine Duct Tape, and works in special needs ministry through her online forum and Masterpiece Ministries at First Baptist Church of Geneva.

Shaping Special Hearts: Sticking with Special Needs Parents 02/25 by CMConnect | Religion Podcasts.



Vangie is the Director of Sparrow's Nest Play, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching creation care, nature play and just living. She also writes, teaches and speaks about her experience as the parent of a child with Autism. She holds a B.S. in Christian Ministry and an M.A. in Contemporary Theology. She seeks to synthesize perspectives in theology, disability and ministry.

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